Free Theory Training

Learning to drive involves not only the practical application of maneuvering and tackling major and minor thoroughfares it also involves application of theory to ensure that you are driving safely on the roads at all times.

Theory test was added to the UK’s driving test July of 1996 and was updated in to a computerized version on the year 2000. The Theory test is composed and divided into two parts; the first being the multiple-test section and the hazard perception.
The multiple test section consist of 50 questions overall and will take around 57 minutes to complete. The learners must answer at least 43 out of the 50 questions correctly to pass this section of the driving test.

The hazard perception section consist of watching 14 one-minute video clips and identifying and/or finding developing hazards. You will be required to click on your mouse either left or right whenever a hazard develops. You will find at least 5 hazards per video clip and is required to get at least 44 out of the 75 hazards out of the 14 one-minute videos.

At Driving Lessons Leamington, our goal is to provide our learners with all the necessary tools to ensure that their chances of passing becomes higher. We have an interactive Theory Test module for each for our learners designed to make it easier for them to learn this aspect of the driving test.