About Us

Previously known as Leamington Priors, Royal Leamington Spa became a popular spa town after the Royal Pump Rooms and Baths designed and built by C.S. Smith of Warwick, were opened close to the River Leam in the 1800s, and was given a prefix of “Royal” by the Queen Victoria. The Turkish baths have now been closed but it is still a popular town for shopping.

Learning to drive in Leamington is great especially for beginners because there are lots of wide road and rail network and expansive housing estates, making manoeuvres easier to master and driving lessons a little less unnerving. The M40 motorway runs very close to the town centre and is accessed by the major A46 ring road which links Leamington with Coventry.

Smart Learner Driving School has set up a local driving school with local DVSA approved driving instructors in Leamington and Warwick that will guide & teach you all facets of Driving from basic manoeuvring to complicated manoeuvres learners needs to master the necessary skills to conquer the road.

At Smart Learner Leamington, we ensure that we provide all our learners with all the necessary updated learning resources and the latest in-car technology to assist them in their journey on learning to drive in Leamington. All our driving instructors has a high pass-rate guarantee so learners can rest assured they are getting the knowledge they need to pass in both the practical driving and theory training parts of the driving test.
Smart Learner Driving School has a driving school in multiple locations to ensure that learners has easier access to learning driving in their local area. We cover areas not only in Warwick and Leamington but also Coventry, Birmingham, Rugby, Redditch and Birmingham.